Chipamp Winamp Plugins

For a complete list of links to all plugins included with Chipamp, see the credits page.

Chipamp Alternatives

Don't run Windows? Don't like Winamp for some reason? Don't despair, there's still plenty of options. Audio Overload is a standalone player for Mac, Windows, and Linux that supports over 25 formats, and is a great cross-platform alternative.

Get Some Music

Chipamp isn't very useful without some chiptunes to play. The sites below feature tons of great music in a variety of different formats and include game soundtracks as well as original works by chiptune artists.

Chiptune Radio/Podcasts

You don't need any plugins whatsoever to enjoy these great chiptune radio streams and podcasts.

  • Kohina - Old school game and demo music radio stream
  • VORC Podcast - Podcast containing both mp3s and actual chiptune format tracks